We unlock opportunity

We are stepping up our investment in Yum!’s new social purpose to unlock opportunity in our people and communities, while championing equity, inclusion and belonging across all aspects of our brands and franchise business.


Unrivaled Culture & Talent

As the world’s largest restaurant company, our people are our biggest assets. From the restaurant to the corner office, investing in people with globally scalable development programs that benefit our restaurant general managers is at the center of our strategy to elevate the customer experience, unlock growth for our franchisees and make a difference in the world.


Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

One of Yum!’s core values is to believe in all people. This value extends not only to our employees, but also to our franchisees, suppliers and customers. As our customer base becomes more diverse and multicultural, ensuring all people are represented at all levels of our organization will allow our brands to stay relevant and our employees to remain engaged.


Social Purpose

Yum! and our four brands are committed to uplifting people and communities. Over the past year, we have been refining and charting the course for our company’s social purpose, brought to life through our Unlocking Opportunity Initiative. Through the five-year commitment, we’re investing $100 million to fight inequality with focus on three areas including equity and inclusion, education and entrepreneurship.


Ethics & Human Rights

At Yum!, our success depends on holding our employees and suppliers to the highest standards of ethical conduct and socially responsible business practices. We strive to maintain a work environment that respects and supports human rights for all employees around the world, as well as those of our suppliers.