Food Safety

Food safety is foundational to Yum! and our brands. We uphold an industry-leading food safety program, including processes for auditing suppliers, mitigating risk across our global supply chain and training employees.

Yum! food safety leaders are in constant conversation with our suppliers and franchisees through audits, conferences and other communications. We have end-to-end visibility of our global and local supply chain, including active management with each supplier to our rigorous standards. In-person audits remain a priority. In addition to training and certifying local auditors, investments in technology have allowed us to conduct virtual audits and not only maintain, but increase visibility into suppliers’ performance. As a result of this close engagement, in 2021, Yum! achieved our highest level of supplier compliance and performance to date.

Food safety is not a competitive advantage — it is a public health imperative. That’s why Yum! regularly works with peers across the food industry to share best practices and build our collective knowledge. In 2020, we formed virtual “colleges” that convened suppliers, franchisees and third-party auditors for continuing education and discussion of food safety topics. While these were initially established in response to pandemic-related travel limitations, we continue to offer this virtual format, which has significantly increased participation and engagement.