Digital Commerce

Making it easier to order chicken, pizza, tacos and burgers through omnichannel experiences

About Us

We operate as a lean software startup within Yum!, putting engineering first. We’re as passionate about the quality of our code as the impact of our work and focus on three main products: digital commerce platform-as-a-service, in-restaurant point-of-sale and a proprietary menu management system that defines what we sell and at what price. These tools are designed to drive sales, improve unit profitability and provide lasting competitive advantages for our brands.

We love open source, volunteering in our communities and collaborating heavily with all other technologists within other Yum! divisions and countries. Join our team, and you’ll never feel like you work in a silo, but instead, what you do will impact the world’s largest restaurant company!

Meet the Team

Portrait of Dhevi Kandasamy, Technical Product Owner

“Yum!’s public commitment to gender parity is the main reason I joined the company. From the CEO down, everyone here is an ally for women and keeps the conversation alive.”

Dhevi Kandasamy
Technical Product Owner

Portrait of Jim Vitek, Vice President

“There are few things more boring to developers than a typical POS system. But ours is more progressive: It’s Android-based, serverless, uses peer to peer data synchronization and has a distributed systems aspect to it.”

Jim Vitek
Vice President

Career Paths


Global Digital Commerce System

Our reason for existing is to build technology for our global system, usable by all of our four brands, in more than 155 countries and territories – a common digital commerce engine, point of sale and menu management. That’s huge! When we’re done, we’ll have built the largest restaurant digital commerce platform in the world. To be able to go greenfield and start from scratch – all new team, all new budget, all new engineering disciplines and processes – is a really fascinating prospect for those we hire.

Tax Library

Sales tax differs from country to country, and when you operate in more than 155 countries and territories, those taxes are undoubtedly different. We looked at third-party vendors to calculate taxes for each order, but couldn’t find one that fit our needs, so we created our own. Now, our library determines the tax on every transaction – even without being connected to the internet! So, if a restaurant in India or Canada, for example, experiences an internet outage, it doesn’t stop our customers from ordering KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell or The Habit Burger Grill – because of something that we developed.