Unrivaled Culture & Talent

As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, our people are our biggest assets. Our culture of recognition, as well as opportunities to grow and to make a meaningful difference, are the primary reasons many employees at all levels say that they choose to stay at Yum!, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill. From the restaurant to the corner office, investing in people with globally scalable development programs is at the center of our strategy to elevate the customer experience, unlock growth for our franchisees and make a difference in the world.

We believe that our unrivaled culture and talent give us a competitive advantage when it comes to growing our business. It’s also a key reason why talent attraction, engagement and retention rank among the most material corporate social responsibility issues. Moving forward, we’re building on our strengths and taking on new challenges by investing in strategic initiatives that unlock opportunity and create an inclusive culture for all employees to thrive at work and at home.

Values Driven

Values Driven

We have a values-driven culture. In the way we recognize wins and believe in all people, we’ve made sure Yum! remains a company that feels like a community. Our culture emphasizes fun, recognition for wins big and small, and a focus on breakthrough results. We support and are confident in each employee, encouraging them to master their current job and volunteer for more, constantly expanding their expertise.

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Building World-Class Restaurant Managers

In March 2020, we acquired the Heartstyles company after years of partnership, to advance Yum!’s commitment to cultivating world-class leaders across the organization and especially at the front lines of our brands. Heartstyles is an intuitive and practical method for helping people learn how to become the best versions of themselves, lead authentically and build workplace cultures that unlock the potential of teams and deliver strong results. At Yum!, we have initiated multiyear plans to scale Heartstyles so we can offer it efficiently to our franchisees who run 98% of our over 55,000 restaurants. A key component of the hands-on training program is the Heartstyles Indicator, an online self-assessment and action plan that helps individuals identify and generate positive and constructive attitudes, thinking and behaviors that help them in life and at work. The benefits of Heartstyles are not only felt by an individual and their colleagues, but also by customers in our restaurants. When RGMs are more engaged, their team members are, too. This translates into better employee retention, better food and a better customer experience. Other programs include Leading with a Growth Mindset, a Pizza Hut International course designed for RGMs.

Elevating women leaders

Elevating Women Leaders

When it comes to advancing our women leaders, it starts at the top with our CEO, leadership teams and franchisees who serve as champions to advance our global strategy while encouraging grassroots advocacy efforts. From being a founding member of the Women’s Foodservice Forum in 1999 to establishing female mentoring programs for our restaurant general managers (RGMs) and offering leadership coaching, we know that investing in our female talent is a key element to driving growth for our business. In recent years, we have significantly increased the number of women in senior leadership across the organization and are on track to achieve gender parity in leadership globally by 2030 in alignment with Paradigm for Parity®.

Learn more about our culture and career benefits and opportunities here, or visit our page on Social Purpose to read how we’re unlocking opportunity.