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We’re passionate about feeding a future with more purpose because it’s our responsibility to create a Recipe for Good for all.

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Our 2020 Recipe for Good Report is Live

As a global restaurant company with more than 54,000 restaurants, Yum! has a clear vision for building the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest growing brands in our industry. We’re doing this through our Recipe for Growth—the core capabilities upon which we’re building long-term results—and our Global Citizenship & Sustainability Strategy known as our Recipe for Good. The Recipe for Good reflects our priorities for social responsibility, risk management and sustainable stewardship of our people, food and planet.

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A Message From Our CEO David Gibbs

2020 marked a turning point for societies and businesses around the world. The impact on Yum!, our restaurants, franchisees and communities was no exception. It was a year filled with challenges, but also one that clarified our focus on what’s most important, creating an opportunity to chart a sustainable future guided by purpose around societal issues our stakeholders care about like equality, inclusion and climate change.

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Yum! Recipe for Good at a Glance



investment to unlock opportunity and fight inequality

Balanced Choices

Offering options to meet consumer preferences


Pledge to be carbon neutral by 2050



GHG emissions reduction by 2030

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Our Priority Areas

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Our Approach

At Yum!, being a good corporate steward is a fundamental commitment and an important part of our success. Our Global Citizenship & Sustainability Strategy, called the Recipe for Good, reflects our priorities for socially responsible growth, risk management and sustainable stewardship of our people, food and planet. Our 2020 Annual Report discusses our joint Recipe for Growth & Good, underscoring the importance of collaboration in unlocking the potential of our employees, franchisees and communities.

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We’re committed to transparency and disclosure. View our current and past disclosures and reports, and our policies and positions.

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