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Using data to craft predictive technology solutions for the world’s largest restaurant company

About Us

We are creating an advanced centralized data strategy that acts as a global data hub, facilitating the seamless flow of data between various sources including our restaurants, franchise organizations, delivery aggregators, customer marketing platforms and regional brand offices. Our dedicated team is driven by ambition and relentless innovation, constantly aiming to enhance the power of our data.

Meet the Team

Portrait of Cameron Davies, Chief Data Officer, Yum! Brands
“New heights, one byte at a time.”
Rocky Yost, Senior Manager, Machine Learning, Yum! Digital
“An innovative culture with commitment to experimentation.”
Ryan Johnson, Director, Data Engineering, Yum! Brands
“A culture that celebrates risk-taking and promotes work-life balance.”


Recommended Ordering

Every week our restaurant managers face the complex task of ordering the right amount of food and paper products to meet customer demands. Our Recommended Ordering is an AI module that uses robust demand forecasting and machine learning capabilities to predict the right amount of product, thereby reducing waste and overall costs.

Pricing Optimization

Determining the right price for our iconic products is critically important for franchisees to manage their profitability. That’s why our team builds and continuously updates a full suite of pricing optimization services and tools that help our franchisees maintain profitability and transaction volumes in any macroeconomic environment.

Demand Forecasting Platform

Our Demand Forecasting Platform uses a series of complex algorithms to generate precise, store-level forecasts that power important restaurant applications. This means our restaurant managers can order inventory, determine labor scheduling needs and better plan in all aspects of their store operations.

Kvantum (MMM)

Through a combination of machine learning and econometric modeling, Kvantum’s Marketing Performance Analytics Platform measures the effects of marketing tactics in designated geographies across owned, paid and earned channels. This helps Yum! optimize more than $700M in marketing spend in more than 155 countries and territories.