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Yum! Brands Updates Global Cage-Free Egg Policy

Publish date September 02, 2021

Builds on Earlier Pledge for 100% Cage-Free Eggs for U.S., Western Europe and Other Markets

Louisville, KY, September 2, 2021 – Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM) today announced the following update to its policy on cage-free eggs, as part of the Company’s continuous efforts to improve animal welfare throughout its supply chain:

  • We strive for continuous improvement in our animal welfare standards and the way we source food across markets and that includes our work on the important issue of cage-free eggs.
  • Yum! Brands pledges to transition to 100% cage-free eggs across at least 25,000 restaurants by 2026, including the U.S., Western Europe and other markets, across all brands for all menu items and ingredients. In the U.S., we aim to ensure at least 25% of our eggs come from cage-free hens by the start of 2023, 50% by the start of 2024, 75% by the start of 2025 and 100% by 2026.
  • A number of markets have already transitioned to 100% cage-free eggs including our KFC Western Europe, Pizza Hut U.K. and Taco Bell U.S. and Canada markets.
  • Globally, we will work with our suppliers and key partners to increase the availability of cage-free egg sources to transition to 100% cage-free by 2030. In some regions, cage-free supply is currently limited and there is not yet a clear path for the availability of sourcing. Regardless, we are committed to working with our stakeholders to meet this end and will both disclose our progress and update our policy as we move forward so that we may remain transparent regarding both the challenges we face and progress we are able to make.
  • We will continue to collect data and work with suppliers and industry partners to make progress across the global egg supply chain and share progress updates as a part of our annual Recipe for Good report.

Yum! Brands has long-standing animal welfare policies in place, as outlined in its Global Animal Welfare Policy and is on a journey to consistently improve animal welfare. In an ever-changing environment, the Company’s progress is guided by its science-based Sustainable Animal Protein Principles, with the support of advice from external experts and partners on its Animal Welfare Advisory Council. View Yum! Brands’ Global Animal Welfare page for more information.