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Celebrating Graduations the Taco Bell Way

Category:  Community Support,People First

Natalie from Restaurant #033522 in Fredericksburg, VA - BurgerBusters X, LLC, a Taco Bell franchisee

Natalie works at restaurant #033522 and she’s a team trainer. She’s graduating high school this year and wanted to represent her favorite team!

Isaac and Brian of Restaurant #032951 in Laconia, NH – Charter Foods North, LLC, a Taco Bell franchisee

 “These two do such a great job balancing work and school. Even in the time we’re in now, they’ve maintained positive attitudes.”—Coworker. Their team showed appreciation by presenting them with grad gifts. Congratulations, Isaac and Brian!

Restaurant #017401 in Las Cruces, NM – Taco Bell Corp.

Since graduation was cancelled, this restaurant team went above and beyond to highlight their high school graduate team members.