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Taco Bell Corp.’s First-ever U.S.-Based Corporate WomXn’s Employee Resource Group

Category:  People First

A couple months ago, we mentioned that we want to take steps towards creating positive change and we meant it. A couple weeks ago, Taco Bell Corp. launched WomXn @ The Bell, our first-ever womxn’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), to coincide with two important dates in womxn’s history: the 19th Amendment Anniversary and Women’s Equality Day. Both dates that characterize where we’ve come

So, why “Womxn”–spelled with an “X”? Well, it's meant to be inclusive to transgender, nonbinary and non-white womxn that provokes thought and represents the complexity of gender (gender identification and the roles we play as womxn).  Womxn@TheBell’s mission is to, among other things, develop womxn leaders to be seen and heard, and provide opportunities for womxn to expand boundaries and engagement.

At Taco Bell Corp., we’re proud to announce this launch and can’t wait to see what this corporate group does next.