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Yum! In The News

Yum! Recognized on 2023 CPA-Zicklin Index for Transparency and Disclosure

Published on November 03, 2023

Yum! was recently listed as a trendsetter on the 2023 CPA-Zicklin Index of Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability, the leading benchmark of U.S. companies for transparency and accountability of political spending.

This recognition builds on work done earlier in 2023 by Yum!, in alignment with Yum! Brands Political Contributions and U.S. Government Advocacy Policy, to enhance its voluntary disclosures. In order to simplify and ease access to the Company’s contributions, all information is now in one document and publicly available in its annual Corporate Contributions & Expenditures disclosure. This document includes Yum!’s direct political contributions and, if they are made, contributions to ballot initiatives, 527 groups or 501(c)4 entities. The document also includes expenditures to trade associations and advocacy organizations, including non-deductible amounts which may be used indirectly for political purposes, as well as links to the Company’s federal disclosures and state advocacy disclosures in locations where Yum! engages.

Yum!’s enhanced disclosure simplifies information gathering related to the Company’s political contributions by providing access to all relevant information in one place. Yum! will continue to support transparency on policy engagements and monitor the leading practices of disclosure in this area.

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