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Good Growth Strategy

We believe our growth and brand relevance will only be enduring if they’re inclusive, sustainable and reflective of evolving employee, franchisee and stakeholder needs.

Our Good Growth Strategy guides how we move our company forward.

We’re focused on Good priorities that influence long-term Growth and Growth priorities that enable us to expand the Good we’re able to accomplish.

Our Good Priorities

Our Good priorities involve social responsibility, risk management and sustainable stewardship of People, Food and Planet. These priorities are at the center of how we’re building a resilient growth business.

Photo of a Yum! associate handing out food at a shelter


Our four brands provide incomes and career pathways for more than a million restaurant team members worldwide. Through our social impact work, including the Unlocking Opportunity Initiative, we continue to support individuals to earn an education, gain employment and launch new businesses.

Photo of a KFC sandwich with recycled packaging


We have an unwavering commitment to serve food that people trust. That means going above and beyond when it comes to food safety, improving the nutritional value of our menu items, listening and responding to customers’ evolving preferences, and being good stewards of the animals raised for food throughout our supply chain.

Photo of a large tree with a full canopy


We’re seeing the potential of Good Growth in how we construct and operate new energy efficient and low-carbon restaurants, and in our supply chain, where we are partnering with suppliers to explore solutions for emissions reduction and packaging innovation.

Our Growth priorities

Our Growth priorities are our framework for building sustainable, long-term results. These priorities drive higher same-store sales and net-new unit growth and serve as our guiding principles across business decisions.

Photo of a large group of Yum! associates

Unrivaled Culture & Talent

Leveraging our people-first culture to fuel brand performance and franchisee success.

Photo of the lobby of a Yum! office

Bold Restaurant Development

Driving market and franchise unit expansion with strong economics and value.

Photo of two Yum! team members in a restaurant

Unmatched Operating Capability

Recruiting and equipping the best restaurant operators in the world to deliver great customer experiences.

Photo of a Taco Bell meal

Relevant, Easy & Distinctive Brands

Innovating and elevating iconic restaurant brands that people trust and champion.