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About Us

We operate as a lean software startup within Yum!, putting engineering first. We’re as passionate about the quality of our code as we are about the impact of our work, and we focus on three main products: digital commerce platform-as-a-service; in-restaurant point-of-sale; and a proprietary menu management system that defines what we sell and at what price. These tools are designed to elevate the Yum! tech stack by driving digital growth, easing team member daily tasks, increasing security and enabling future innovation.

Meet the Team

Portrait of Kelly Dowdy, VP, Digital Commerce
“I have a passion for solving business problems through technology.”
Portrait of Matt McDole, Sr Director, Engineering
“This challenge was too exciting to pass up.”
Portait of Shiv Adhiappan, Director, Site Reliability
“My team ensures the seamless operation of the global technological infrastructure.”
Portrait of Tyrone Everman
“I came to Yum! with the idea of improving the daily lives of the people who work inside our restaurants.”
Portrait of Sruti Patra
“The Yum! D&T team has created the best kind of environment to work and grow with.”
Portait of Jeremiah
“What truly captivates me at Yum! is the scale and global impact of our projects.”
Portait of Liad
"I’m always seeking new ways to deliver meaningful experiences for our customers."


Yum! Commerce Platform

The Yum! Commerce Platform is an omnichannel ordering engine that serves as the backbone for all digital ordering transactions across our brands. This platform processes hundreds of millions of transactions annually and is constantly being enhanced by our team of engineers to ensure each order is processed efficiently and securely around the globe.


Poseidon is a cloud-first point of sale, providing resilient order management, cash management and real-time store reporting to our restaurant team members.

Yum! Admin Portal

The Yum! Admin Portal is a one-stop-shop for brands and franchisees that enables them to manage their digital ordering experiences. This portal allows franchisees to dynamically manage their store hours, menus and promotions, and it provides access to customer support tools for digital orders. All without developer support!


Tictuk is an omnichannel ordering and marketing platform that serves as a comprehensive self-management platform across all four of our brands. Tictuk empowers brands to grow their digital footprint by creating engaging user experiences and seamless online journeys across multiple channels, including Chat, Web, App and Kiosk.

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