I am a
Food Safety Analyst, Video Producer, Cyber Security Director, Social Media Editor, Java Developer, Payroll Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Desktop Engineer, Brand Manager, Senior Trademark Counsel, IT Risk Management Lead, HR Integration Developer, Art Director, Accounting & Reporting Analyst, Internal Audit Analyst.

We call our 1.9 million Yum! Brands and franchise system employees “our team.” Here, bosses are “coaches.” Our language is different because our culture is different. One of our values is “believe in ALL people,” not just the majority, and we live out this practice by unlocking the potential in ALL types of people and fully leveraging the diversity of thought that comes from our differences in gender, ethnicity, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, professional background, and even style of communication and leadership. Our three iconic, global brands are born from the hopes, dreams, ambitions and grit of passionate entrepreneurs. That means YOU. Will you join us?

Tracy Skeans

Chief Transformation and People Officer, Yum! Brands

Glenn Sanchez

Senior Director, Financial and Capital Planning Yum! Brands

James Fripp

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Yum! Brands

Jessika Gomez-Duarte

Associate Director of Strategy, Collider

Angel Yang

Director of Global Treasury Operations, Yum! Brands

Nigel Benton

Operations Project Manager, KFC U.S.

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