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We Are Invested in You!

Professional development is such an important part of our employee commitment that its part of our stated employee value proposition. And the variety of opportunities for Growing Yourself show just how serious we are about this commitment:

Career Development

Yum! has dedicated time throughout the year to help work on our most important asset: YOU! Our unrivaled culture and talent is one of our four key growth drivers and providing dedicated opportunities for you to build skills – and find inspiration – is something we’re proud to offer.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership is a virtual 2-day experience where all employees explore everyday biases and assumptions and together learn how to create an environment of equity, inclusion and belonging. Inclusive Leadership is available to all Yum! Corp. employees to help them lead with Smart, Heart & Courage.

Individual Development Plan

As an essential part of our annual Building People Capability cycle, each employee works with a coach on their Individual Development Plan, intended to ensure ongoing professional development and support. As part of the plan, you have the opportunity to share your long-term career goals and interests and discuss directly with your coach how to make them possible.


When individuals become their best selves, organizations thrive. Heartstyles is a character development tool that helps our leaders make better decisions, enjoy healthier relationships and live richer lives. Heartstyles tools and programs provide a clear, practical journey to increase self-awareness, enhance leadership skills and help leaders unlock the potential of others around them. This leadership development platform further builds on our culture of growth and collaboration and helps all employees – from the corner office to the restaurant – be their best!

Coach Academy

It may seem like a simple word – coach – but at Yum! it means so much more. We call our managers coaches because they aren’t just overseeing work, rather they are helping each employee grow and operate at their best. And to help grow these capabilities in new leaders, we created Coach Academy which teaches specific skills to enable the growth of teams and future leaders!

Short-Term Assignment

Working at a global company like Yum! means there are opportunities for movement within our corporate and brand locations, and even markets! As part of Yum!’s commitment to career growth, we also offer short-term assignment work across corporate, brand and business affiliate offices. This allows our employees to grow their skills, learn more about functions and gain further insight into business operations without the permanent commitment of a role switch.

LinkedIn Learning

We offer every employee access to LinkedIn Learning – with more than 16,000 online videos and courses – to help build business, technology-related and creative skills. These educational courses are designed to suit individual interests and development and encourages employees to grow their own way. 

What Our People Have to Say

"Yum! has provided me with some incredible opportunities that have helped me propel my career. The amount of leadership exposure that I have gained with the company really seems unheard-of to others outside of the company.”

"Yum! challenges me with new projects and initiatives that have helped me realize all that I am capable of and the areas in which I can continue to learn and develop.”

"Yum! has given me the opportunity to operate in an entrepreneurial capacity under the umbrella of the global brand. It’s given me breadth across functions and helped me identify my passion and purpose in developing people and helping them maximize their potential.”

Interested in learning more? The opportunities are endless!

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