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Our Functions

As a global company with four iconic brands, we have opportunities across every aspect of our business – from the corporate level to within our restaurants – that allow our employees to make a difference. Here’s a look at each of our teams.

Our Teams


At Collider, we build relative, easy and distinctive brands through our work as a strategy, branding and innovation consultant company specific to Yum!. Using modern marketing theory, System 1 consumer research, advanced data science tools and expert collaborators, we like to solve big, complex problems with culture-leading ideas that help brands grow. Our work includes product and brand positioning, portfolio architecture, cultural trend decoding and so much more!


Launched in early 2021, the Yum! Commerce Platform provides core capabilities that can power Easy Experiences through our omni-channel ordering and marketing platforms, customer loyalty and payment features, and menu management functionalities. This requires a team of technology experts and web developers who can pivot along with technology and consumer shifts, while meeting the demands of our vast franchise ecosystem.

Corporate Affairs 

We know that what – and how – we say and do something matters to people as we work to build the world’s most loved and trusted restaurant brands. That’s why our corporate affairs team covers all aspects of internal and external communications, public policy and government relations, and corporate social responsibility and environmental, social and governance, and sustainability. We are a company with a purpose and look for team members with a diversity of backgrounds who can help us build on and deliver it!


In Global Technology Risk Management, we protect our people, customers and brands from the modern-day threats that can impact us all. We work hard to keep our business and people safe through the development of processes and procedures that promote the highest level of cybersecurity across all functions of our business.

Decision Sciences

We build on the creation of Easy Experiences through the development of our Easy Insights platforms, designed to deliver key observations and analytical data that drive actionable strategies for scalability. Key to this success is the harmonized integration of our data operations system, which works in tandem with our analytical tools to drive global insights that reduce operational risks and enable the deployment of highly developed decision tools for growth. Our teams are dedicated to keeping our business safe and secure while keeping our teams well connected through global, cross-brand integrations.    

Finance and Accounting 

Franchising’s rapid pace of growth means our finance, accounting and investor relations teams stay on the money. And they’re always looking for new ways to help our franchise partners grow. This team is tasked with making dreams come true while keeping in mind the needs of the business and its partners. If you have a passion for planning and directing financial transactions or love to work on recording or reporting those transactions as part of our investor relations team, then Yum! has a position for you. Franchising’s rapid pace of growth means our finance, accounting, investor relations and mergers and acquisitions teams stay on the money.  

Human Resources  

At Yum!, our people are our greatest asset. Afterall, it’s Our Unrivaled Culture and Talent that enables our business to thrive. We first hire world class talent for the job. Next, we build innovative learning programs to help them accelerate their professional development. We then top that with the creation of world-class benefits that enrich our employees' lives. If you love making lives better, then look no further than us!   

Information Technology    

We enable our business through technology by providing a broad range of cost effective and secure Enterprise IT shared services supporting Yum! Corporate and all Brand divisions. We partner with our colleagues to build trusted relationships and always act in the best interest of our customers, shareholders, employees and business partners. This includes working to build and implement innovative and relevant technology solutions that support our diverse portfolio of brands across U.S. and International markets. 


From robotics to AI (and more!) our innovation team works to provide our brands and franchise partners with the next-gen tools and business opportunities needed to future proof the business. That’s why they're an important part of our global network of employees. In collaboration with brands and leveraging an ecosystem of startups, suppliers and partners, their goal is to drive the kind of growth that creates increased value for our brands, franchisees, and customers year-over-year.  


As part of Yum! Legal, our goal is to encourage the cooperative growth of the department we serve by safeguarding each and every transaction. This means doing more for our franchise partners to ensure that their locations are legally grounded while also protecting our core business. We achieve this by following the path of the law right down to the letter. Our teams are well versed in all aspects of corporate legal laws and practices, and we work to achieve fairness in all of our legal business practices, just like Lady Justice.


We have a big business to run and take our jobs seriously as everything we do impacts our organization as a whole. From overseeing global operational procedures across each brand to ensure effective and organized processes overall, our team builds up others to ensure success. Our team handles a wide array of responsibilities so our people can rest easy knowing they’re backed by a powerful team dedicated to driving operational excellence and enabling them to provide the best experiences for our customers. 

Quality Assurance 

Food safety is our top priority as our quality assurance teams are dedicated to providing a consistent and safe dining experience throughout each of our 55,000 restaurant locations. This team works with our global supply chain partners to deliver the same kind of quality product across our brands that our customers have come to love and expect.   


Our goal is to help our brands grow faster and with more added value. To do that, we partner with our executive team to set the long-term vision and strategy for Yum! Brands. This means providing strategic direction on new business models, driving new growth channels through partnerships and scale, and unlocking future experiences through disruptive innovation.  

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