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The Candidate Experience

Here at Yum! we are invested in your hiring process from beginning to end. All of our employee candidates are paired with a Talent Acquisition Team, who will work with you throughout the entire interview experience – whether in-person or virtual.

Our interviewing process consists of four stages, each one designed to get to know you better and to allow you to get to know our people and teams.

Our Interviewing Process

Throughout the entire hiring process, you’ll work with the same Talent Acquisition Team. Our TA Team is available to field any questions or concerns you might have—including accessibility needs. We will work to ensure you have precisely what is needed throughout your interview process.

Our interview process consists of four stages. We've outlined these below.

First Call

The first stage of our interviewing process is an introductory call with a member of our Talent Acquisition team. We’ll use this time to learn more about your experience, share more information about the role and answer any questions you may have about the company, the team and the role.

Meeting The Hiring Manager

Next, you'll virtually meet with your hiring manager through Microsoft Teams or in person. The hiring manager will use this time to share information about the position. They will give you a realistic view of what your day-to-day experience will be like and will outline expectations for this position.

Panel Interview

Your next meeting will consist of a panel interview with several key individuals for this role. This is your chance to get to know the team you’ll collaborate with on a daily basis. The panel interview will be conducted either in person or virtually, depending on your location and the location of your team members. For Digital & Technology applicants, depending on role: After meeting with the hiring manager, you may have a live coding challenge or a take home coding assignment that will be completed within a specific timeframe. This will allow you to showcase your problem-solving and technical abilities.


After successfully completing the interview process, your interviewers will consolidate feedback and if there's a good fit between your skills, experiences and the role, we will extend an offer. You will receive feedback regarding the decision regardless of the outcome of your application.

Here are some tips for remote interviewing at Yum!:

  • Find a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted, with a good internet connection.
  • Download Microsoft Teams to your desktop and join a few minutes early to test your video and sound.
  • Do some research to get a good feel for our company, values and culture.
  • Come prepared with some examples to share from your past achievements and experience.
  • Familiarize yourself with behavioral interviewing and the STAR response method.
  • Jot down some questions you’d like to ask to get a feel for our culture and the scope of the role you’re interviewing for, after all, an interview is a 2-way street! We want to find the best person for our open roles, but it’s equally vital that it’s the right career move for you.
  • Use a computer or laptop, rather than your phone. However, if you must use your phone, prop it up against something so the interviewer can see you fully without the picture moving around. We’d rather see your whole face than just your eyebrows!
  • Use headphones, if you’ve got some, to minimize any background noise.

Your Onboarding Experience

Once your offer letter is accepted (welcome to the team!), your Talent Acquisition Team will then begin to work with you on both pre-boarding and on-boarding next steps. You’ll also receive a call from your manager and coach that details what to expect on your first day.

Our People and Culture team also will schedule you to participate in the Yum! Experience – a two-day immersive program that will connect you with other new employees and teach you more about our company and our brands!

Interested in learning more? The opportunities are endless!

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