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Thank You, Restaurant Teams

Category:  Latest News,People First

Thank You, Restaurant Teams

What’s happening today has tested humanity in ways few of us could have ever imagined. As people all over the world work to overcome the pandemic, one of the most difficult challenges has been ensuring necessities remain available. Access to safe food has been a really big part of that.

Almost overnight, you—restaurant team members—became essential workers. What you do cannot be done from home. From all around the world, you’re serving our customers the food they love and working together to feed our communities. All of it can only be done from the frontlines. I want to say thank you—thank you for your hard work and patience; for your adaptability, learning new safety service methods quickly, and serving customers with a smile. You make Taco Bell a place our customers feel safe eating.

We continue to learn how to adapt to this environment every day. We remain committed to making Taco Bell the safest place to eat and work today, tomorrow and long after this crisis has passed. We will show the world the true soul of Taco Bell: that of a great brand with passionate people providing unexpected good every single day.

You make me proud to be a part of this great brand and my gratitude for you is indefinite.