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Yum! In The News

We all have blind spots. Yes, even you.

Published on June 28, 2019

Belief in ALL people is one of Yum!’s core values. To help us continue to live up to this value, we invited the organization CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion to guide our employees through its Check Your Blind Spots bus. The interactive experience offers participants multiple ways to witness unconscious bias that’s already occurring in their everyday lives, like when a business deal is dropped because two parties can’t get past their different accents or when a man expects the woman to clean up after a business meeting where food is served. CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion has taken its tour bus to businesses throughout the continental U.S. in an effort to initiate a larger conversation about bias, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Working with CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion isn’t the only way Yum! and our brands are investing in diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our employees engage in meaningful dialogue to gain deeper understanding of each other’s culture during World Day for Cultural Diversity each year, and members of our employee resource group Yum! Pride Network hosted a courageous conversation about the LGBTQ+ experience in the workplace in June. In 2018, our CEO hosted a live online conversation about diversity and inclusion, and  Yum! joined Paradigm for Parity, which aims to achieve gender parity in senior leadership globally by 2030.

These efforts and the Check Your Blind Spots bus experience help us to nurture an environment that encourages our employees to be their best selves. Watch the video above and hear from Yum! employees on what blind spots and checking bias means to them.

Let’s continue to be the change we want to see as we build a world with more Yum!.

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