Food Safety

Maintaining food safety and quality is foundational to protecting customers and upholding their trust. Food safety is not a competitive advantage, but rather a public health imperative.

Over the past several years, Yum! has been highly effective in assessing both restaurants and suppliers by using technology to gain robust visibility. From consumer-facing apps to back-of-house systems, innovation is a top priority at Yum!. Today, we are exploring a variety of technologies to help ensure food safety in our restaurants that include:

In 2022, Yum! joined the Consumer Goods Forum, which manages the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI, the most widely accepted benchmarking program in the world, benchmarks food safety standards and provides governance that supports accredited third-party certification systems globally. Over the next several years, Yum! will transition to 100% GFSI Recognized Certification for all suppliers and distributors. This bold goal will increase our internal team’s ability to focus on risk management and supplier development, rather than the administrative tasks associated with managing an internal audit scheme.