ESG Strategy & Governance

Many aspects of what we today call Good Growth have long been part of our business. From the introduction of our Recipe for Good and its three priority pillars of People, Food and Planet, to its subsequent elevation in 2020 as a complement to our Recipe for Growth, Yum!’s strategy ensures we’re building the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest-growing restaurant brands, and achieving our purpose of unlocking opportunity. Guided by this strategy, we’ve galvanized our teams to make progress in each of these important areas, accelerating new restaurant development worldwide and building a strong and diversified business.

We recognize that neither growth nor good can exist on its own and we need to operate sustainably, protect and preserve natural resources, and create value for all stakeholders. Yum! Brands’ Good Growth strategy allows us to mitigate risks inside and outside our business—related to regulations, resource scarcity and cost—as well as to increase relevance among the growing number of customers and employees for whom these issues are a top concern. We’ve set a number of bold goals spanning our three pillars of People, Food and Planet, with a focus on the following areas that are core to our business and therefore present the greatest potential for positive impact that include less carbon, better packaging and more equality.