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2002 Annual Report
Will be available approximately April 5, 2003

2001 Annual Report
Tricon's new 2001 Annual Report is available for download in both Interactive and PDF versions. You can view the entire Annual Report or in sections by clicking on the links below.

Interactive Version of the 2001 Annual Report - New!

Complete 2001 Annual Report (PDF: 2.97MB)

2001 Annual Report by Section
Front and Back Cover (PDF: 339K)
Pages 1–7 (PDF: 507K)
Pages 8–15 (PDF: 913K)
Pages 16–24 (PDF: 619K)
Pages 25–42 (PDF: 258K)
Pages 43–68 (PDF: 252K)

2000 Annual Report
HTML Version

Complete 2000 Annual Report (PDF: 5.75MB)

2000 Annual Report by Section
Front and Back Cover (PDF: 361K)
Pages 1–7 (PDF: 673K)
Pages 8–15 (PDF: 1.56MB)
Pages 16–24 (PDF: 1.28MB)
Pages 25–42 (PDF: 621K)
Pages 43–68 (PDF: 1.20MB)

1999 Annual Report
HTML Version

Complete 1999 Annual Report (PDF: 2.09MB)

1999 Annual Report by Section
Pages 1–7 (PDF: 307K)
Pages 8–15 (PDF: 269K)
Pages 16–24 (PDF: 557K)
Pages 25–42 (PDF: 339K)
Pages 43–68 (PDF: 384K)

1998 Annual Report
HTML version

1997 Annual Report
HTML version

The documents linked above are reproductions of Tricon’s 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998 and 1997 Annual Reports. Minor changes have been made to the original documents to facilitate presentation as an electronic document. Any variations from the published paper document are inadvertent. In the case of differences between the electronic and paper documents, rely on the paper document.