Yum! Restaurants China

We think China is the best restaurant opportunity of the 21st Century with a consuming class that is expected to double from 300 million to more than 600 million people by 2020.

Yum! Brands is the leading retail developer in China with over 6,800 restaurants in over 1,000 cities and we expect to open at least 700 new units in China in 2015. Our brands are integrated into Chinese consumers’ lives and offer products that appeal to their local taste preferences.

KFC® was the first quick-service restaurant chain to enter China in 1987. Today, KFC is the number one foreign brand in China with more than 4,800 restaurants in over 1,000 cities. In terms of number of restaurants, we have a nearly two-to-one lead over our nearest competitor and we’re growing in both large and small cities. In addition to Original Recipe, KFC in China has an extensive menu featuring beef, seafood, rice dishes, fresh vegetables, soups, breakfast, desserts, and many other delicious products. We’re also leveraging our restaurants throughout the day with breakfast, delivery and 24-hour operations.

Pizza Hut® was the first restaurant chain to introduce pizza and Western-style casual dining to China in 1990. Today, Pizza Hut is the number one Western casual dining brand in China in more than 385 cities and nearly 1,400 restaurants. Pizza Hut Casual Dining has an extensive menu offering a broad variety of pizzas, entrees, pasta, rice dishes, appetizers, beverages and desserts. In addition, Yum! introduced pizza delivery to China in 2001 and there are nearly 300 Pizza Hut Home Service units in 39 cities.

The growth of our category-leading brands in China is driven by an experienced local management team, a highly educated workforce, a huge, unmatched real estate and development team, a country-wide distribution system, best-in-class operations and dedication to innovation and product quality.