Yum!’s Holistic Approach to Employee Well-Being

September 20, 2017

At Yum!, we encourage a holistic approach to employee well-being by offering experiences and programs that go beyond the scope of physical wellness. We believe in providing opportunities that nurture the minds, bodies and spirits of our people.

Employee development strategies that include physical, mental, social and financial aspects of well-being yield an all-inclusive method toward meeting the needs of employees.  According to Gallup’s most recent iteration of the State of the American Workplace, more than half of employees report better overall well-being as “very important” to them.  In the same survey, work-life balance and overall well-being were determined to be the second most important factor when choosing to work for an organization. When employees are fulfilled in all aspects of their well-being, it boosts employee engagement and increases individual performance.

As part of our Grow Yourself Week initiative, we are offering a range of development sessions for employees to explore different aspects of their personal well-being.

  • For fitness buffs: From a barre, yoga and pilates sampler to cardio bootcamp, there are several fitness classes throughout the week for employees to work up a sweat.
  • For self-reflectors: Employees can grow themselves with a Myers-Briggs personality test and workshop, or attend a session on Cultivating Confidence to learn how to silence the inner critic and let their strengths shine.
  • For go-getters: Courses like Project Management Kick Start and Networking with Confidence give employees the chance to hone these practical and professional skills that will help accelerate career growth.
  • For socializers: With Accelerating Your Growth by Getting Involved in the Community, employees can learn how volunteering and getting involved with non-profit boards can contribute to personal and professional growth, and feel good about making a difference with causes they care about.

The opportunities offered during Grow Yourself Week are only a few examples of Yum!’s broader approach to employee well-being. Learn more about how Yum! makes employee development a priority and see if a career at Yum! is right for you.