Yum! Global Sustainability Team Increases Engagement to Build Know-How

June 17, 2016

Building know-how is a key part of driving results at Yum! Brands. It’s also essential to Sustainability as the field is still evolving.

This year, Yum!’s Global Sustainability team has visited with a variety of partners, including investors; students; sustainability networks; and YUM! employees, to gain insight and explore new innovations in the Sustainability field.

  • In February, the team traveled to Boston to learn how investors incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns into their investment decisions. Yum! met with ESG research teams from Sustainalytics and Bloomberg and shared best practices with undergraduate and graduate students at the Boston Net Impact Career Summit. At the summit, Chief Sustainability Officer Roger McClendon and Global Sustainability Director David Harpring spoke with representatives from Ceres, MSCI, and Breckinridge Capital Advisors on a panel titled “Sustainability’s Newest Supply Chain: The ESG Investing Spectrum.”
  • The team also attended conferences with Sustainable Brands, Ceres, and US SIF networks in May and June to continue their learnings from peer companies and share best practices within the sustainability circuit.

To see Yum!’s Sustainability know-how in action, visit http://www.yumcsr.com/environment/.

Bloomberg Students Panel