Yum! Brands MENAPak Franchisee Recognized for Community Development

February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

In December 2013, Yum! Brands MENAPak franchisee, Americana Group, was awarded the Middle East and North Africa Chapter of the Academy of International Business AIB-MENA Ghaf Tree Award for its commitment to community development.

The award recognizes companies that actively foster collaborations and support sustainable regional development, while continuing to deliver on shareholder expectations amid the challenges of socio-economic and geo-political change. The award is inspired by the Ghaf Tree, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) national tree, which for centuries has persevered despite adverse conditions.

In recent years, Americana and various other Middle Eastern companies have experienced challenges finding qualified candidates to fill job positions. Americana’s “Reciprocate Education” program strives to create attractive career opportunities for youth by connecting existing education programs to real work experiences in the restaurant.

Mohamed Farouk Hafeez, Americana’s Vice President for Human Resources and Management Development, said his company is determined to find a lasting solution. “A good organization will always design and develop a solution rather than be part of the problem,” Hafeez said. “It is our hope that the recognition of Americana’s efforts will serve as an accelerator for more community development initiatives.”