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Friday, October 30, 2015

GED Testing Service has partnered with some of the nation’s largest employers and most recognizable brands – including Walmart, KFC, Taco Bell and Southeastern Grocers – to create GEDWorksTM, a comprehensive program free for employees who want to earn their GED credential.

The GEDWorks program includes everything an employee needs to successfully prepare for and pass the GED test. Students are provided access to a GED advisor, online GED study material, connections to local adult education programs, practice tests, and more. GED advisors are a key element of GEDWorks and help guide, engage, and motivate students. GEDWorks also helps keep graduates moving forward after completing the tests by connecting them with college and career pathways tools on GED.com.

GEDWorks is one indicator that national employers understand the value of the new GED program, which is focused on better preparing learners to compete in today’s job market and to successfully enter post-secondary education programs essential to most 21st century jobs. This effort also marks the first time national employers have banded together to support a program aimed solely at decreasing the number of adults without a high school diploma, an important step in improving the country’s economic competitiveness.

“Employers have invested in this national program with GED Testing Service to boost the education levels of their employees because they recognize the benefits of the enhanced GED program and the importance of education in the lives of their employees. The program offers a cost-effective way for employers to help adult learners achieve their goals and invest in their futures. Students earning a GED credential enhance their career prospects and earning potential,” said Randy Trask, President of GED Testing Service.

The support that employers show their participating employees is another key element of the GEDWorks program.

“Taco Bell believes in helping our Team Members get more out of life – starting with an education,” said Frank Tucker, Global Chief People Officer at Taco Bell. “GEDWorks is great because it gives our employees everything they need to prepare for and pass the GED test on their own flexible terms. Not only are we developing our Team Members and creating an engaged workforce, but we’re also inspiring these valued Team Members to champion their potential, education and future.”

“Walmart believes that education is key to an associate’s personal and professional development,” said Michelle Knight, Vice President of Talent Development for Walmart U.S. “The opportunity to earn a market-valued credential helps our people gain skills to advance their career. Achieving success with the GEDWorks program is a gateway to opportunity.”

The program is completely free for learners. It is fully funded by employers or, in the case of KFC, by the associated charity, Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation. The only investment needed by students is time and energy to prepare for the test.

“Restaurant operators love that the GEDWorks and other Foundation programs help them recruit and retain high quality employees who are interested in working hard to improve themselves. The KFC Foundation is proud to be able to support them, and continue Colonel Sanders’ legacy of helping people be their best selves through education,” said Krista Snider, Managing Director of the KFC Foundation.

“Now that I have my GED, it takes away that little bit of shame and embarrassment [of not having graduated from high school],” said Courtney, an employee of Winn-Dixie/Southeastern Grocers in Alabama and one of the first graduates of the GEDWorks program. “My GED advisor was very encouraging and friendly throughout the process – she addressed all of the concerns I had along the way. I think others should go for it as well!”

For more information visit the GEDWorks Media Kit web page, which includes: GEDWorks Press Release in English and Spanish, GEDWorks Infographic, Soundcloud Audio Clip, First GEDWorks Graduate Video, GEDWorks Student Profiles/Stories, Link to the GEDWorks Website.

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Taco Bell Shines Purple in a New Way http://www.yum.com/taco-bell-shines-purple-in-a-new-way/ http://www.yum.com/taco-bell-shines-purple-in-a-new-way/#respond Tue, 19 May 2015 14:30:07 +0000 http://www.yum.com/?p=637 ... Read more »]]> Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taco Bell restaurant at night with ultra-lightsTaco Bell’s focus on reducing its footprint can be seen all the way in sunny Southern California.

Taco Bell is focused on exploring ways to use its scale for good, and reduce its environmental footprint. This exploration has ignited a fire in the brand to become a leader in sustainability in ways that are both good business and the communities we operate in.

Over the last four years Taco Bell has developed three sustainable test restaurants resulting in a 40% energy reduction savings through design, technology and equipment improvements. Taco Bell has also retrofitted more than 900 restaurants with energy and water efficient measures resulting in substantial energy and water usage reductions. Through solar power (where it makes sense) and additional energy efficiency measures the brand expects to generate further energy savings, reduce operation costs while also creating a 25% ROI or better.

In sunny Southern California, franchisee Grover Moss, brought these savings to life in his own restaurants. Just recently, Moss reopened one of his Taco Bell restaurants in Riverside, California with a whole new look. Thanks to solar panel-powered lighting, his restaurant now shines every night with a new purple splash.

Moss, an early Taco Bell operator since 1967, and owner of 11 franchise restaurants loves how the tiled panels behind the “Bell” shimmer, and the parking lot lights shine with low-voltage lighting. But he doesn’t just love the redesigned look. Moss said he thinks he’ll achieve a return on investment (ROI) much faster because of the redesign. “I hope to achieve 50 percent or better savings on this store than the old store,” Moss said, and get a return on investment within a few years – a rebuild (with solar panels) in the LA area can cost much more than the traditional remodel.

As part of the remodel, this restaurant features great new modern fixtures including a new food preparation and storage area, counters, furniture, lighting and reflective glass. What’s great about the solar panels on the restaurant is they will soak up the rays AND provide shade for customers and the building in the drive-thru.

The Riverside restaurant and Moss were also featured recently in the Press Enterprise for the new look. To read the article, click here.

Through Taco Bell‘s participation in Yum!‘s green building roadmap called Blueline, the brand plans to build 100% of all new company stores as LEED certifiable by the end of this year.

To learn more about Yum! and its brands Green Building efforts visit, http://yumcsr.com/environment/green-building.asp.

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Taco Bell’s Foundation for Teens Graduation Promise Leads to Orchestra Surprise http://www.yum.com/taco-bells-foundation-for-teens-graduation-promise-leads-to-orchestra-surprise/ http://www.yum.com/taco-bells-foundation-for-teens-graduation-promise-leads-to-orchestra-surprise/#respond Thu, 23 Oct 2014 13:45:30 +0000 http://www.yum.com/?p=557 ... Read more »]]> Thursday, October 23, 2014

Taco Bell Foundation for Teens helped make a recent orchestra rehearsal a star-filled surprise for student musicians at a California high school.

The orchestra members had been rehearsing Young The Giant’s song “Mind Over Matter” for weeks. Imagine their surprise when the band members stopped by their classroom to celebrate the teens’ pledge to graduate high school.


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Joe’s Burritopalooza: What Living Más is All About http://www.yum.com/joes-burritopalooza-what-living-mas-is-all-about/ http://www.yum.com/joes-burritopalooza-what-living-mas-is-all-about/#respond Thu, 16 Oct 2014 13:47:25 +0000 http://www.yum.com/?p=559 ... Read more »]]> Thursday, October 16, 2014

Joe and his parents Joe and his classmates celebrate

Eleven year-old Joe Redmond and Taco Bell have two things in common: a love of burritos and of showing Más Heart. When the brand heard that Joe had combined the two to help other people, they knew they wanted to celebrate and honor him in true Taco Bell style.

The brand first learned about Joe and his burrito passion in June, when Joe’s dad shared a video with the Taco Bell team. The video was of Joe practicing a public speaking project about the history of the burrito. Joe, who has Down syndrome and is very shy, rehearsed his speech several times at home before delivering it in front of his classmates.



Taco Bell loved Joe’s video but soon learned it wasn’t the only way he had shown enthusiasm for his favorite fare. The year before, Joe held a fundraiser at his elementary school – appropriately dubbed “Joe’s Burritopalooza” – and sold homemade burritos and baked goods to raise money for his two favorite charities, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and York Region Down Syndrome Association.

“The Burritopalooza was so well received by the school that on top of the amount of money raised by selling burritos, a few individuals went above and beyond and pledged additional dollars in support of the event,” said Taco Bell Canada Marketing Director Adrianne Largo. “The final amount that they were able to raise was $1,500, and we at Taco Bell thought that would be the perfect amount to match.”

On Sept. 28, in recognition of Joe’s Live Más spirit, Taco Bell Canada presented him with a cash donation of $1,500 to benefit his favorite organizations. They also hosted Joe and 24 of his friends at a Taco Bell restaurant in Richmond Hill, where he was among the first burrito fans in Canada to try the brand’s new XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito.

“Everybody felt good about the whole thing and what Joe had done,” his father Steve Redmond told local newspaper Markham Economist & Sun. “It was just a great day.”

You can learn more about Joe and his love for burritos by checking out his YouTube channel.

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Taco Bell Foundation for Teens Unveils Times Square Yearbook http://www.yum.com/taco-bell-foundation-for-teens-unveils-times-square-yearbook/ http://www.yum.com/taco-bell-foundation-for-teens-unveils-times-square-yearbook/#respond Fri, 22 Aug 2014 13:59:02 +0000 http://www.yum.com/?p=577 ... Read more »]]> Friday, August 22, 2014

The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens is celebrating teens’ commitments to achieve más by putting their faces front and center in one of the world’s most famous thoroughfares: New York City’s Times Square.

In partnership with Get Schooled and Viacom, the Foundation asked high school students from across the country to submit a photo of themselves along with an explanation of why they were making the promise to graduate high school. More than 1,000 photos were submitted and 400 lucky high school students were chosen to have their photo appear on the Times Square Yearbook billboard.

Check out how the teens reacted to seeing their names in lights:

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KFC, Taco Bell and Yum! Volunteers Deliver Hope One Meal at a Time http://www.yum.com/kfc-taco-bell-and-yum-volunteers-deliver-hope-one-meal-at-a-time/ http://www.yum.com/kfc-taco-bell-and-yum-volunteers-deliver-hope-one-meal-at-a-time/#respond Fri, 16 May 2014 14:02:05 +0000 http://www.yum.com/?p=585 ... Read more »]]> Friday, May 16, 2014

A Yum! Brands Volunteer for Hope team continues to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of seniors, across Oahu, Hawaii, packing and distributing healthy meals to recipients who might otherwise go without.

Since 2012, the team has partnered with Lanakila Meals on Wheels, a nonprofit that delivers thousands of meals to seniors each year.

One such recipient of the organization’s service is Lawrence, who lives alone in a small studio apartment in Oahu’s Chinatown neighborhood. He enjoys doing the daily crossword puzzle, people watching from his window and visiting with the volunteers who come to see him each week. With limited means of cooking, he often stretches the one delivered meal into lunch and dinner, stating, “The meals are very generous.”

Yum! Brands Senior Operations Manager, John Gafney has developed a personal relationship with Lawrence, delivering meals to him once a week for the past year. “Last Thanksgiving, I gave everyone on my route a pumpkin pie,” said Gafney. “Lawrence told me the next week that it was so good. He hadn’t had a pumpkin pie in so many years. He went and shared the pie with some of his friends in his apartment complex. He was so grateful.”

Lanakila Meals on Wheels is also grateful, both for the team’s continued support and its $20,000 grant award from the Yum! Foundation, Those funds enabled the organization to expand its Christmas dinner celebration, as well as expand the organization’s reach in 2014. Though the team is affecting many lives, Gafney said the 90 KFC, Taco Bell and Yum! volunteers involved feel they’re getting out of the project even more than they’re giving.

“Lawrence is such a gentle, humble man with a big heart,” said Gafney. “Every week, I call him when I am close and he meets me at the front door. We chit chat about his week and then we say our goodbyes. He’s a truly neat individual.”

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TACO BELL CANADA NAMES #DLT4LIFE WINNER http://www.yum.com/taco-bell-canada-names-dlt4life-winner/ http://www.yum.com/taco-bell-canada-names-dlt4life-winner/#respond Mon, 28 Apr 2014 19:12:07 +0000 http://www.yum.com/?p=455 ... Read more »]]>

Monday, April 28, 2014

When Taco Bell Canada made the Doritos Locos Taco (DLT) a permanent menu item in January, DLT enthusiasts across the country were thrilled. Perhaps no one more so than Tyler, a young man from Toronto so smitten with the taco that he opted to make it a permanent addition, too—to his bicep.

Taco Bell documented the process of Tyler getting a DLT tattoo and posted to Youtube for fellow Taco Bell fans to enjoy! Check out the video which was viewed more than 11,000 times below:

Tyler’s fanaticism was rewarded with a lifetime supply of DLTs by Taco Bell, which generated significant interest among the brand’s social followers. So Taco Bell decided to keep the momentum going by offering the brands most enthused fans (like Tyler) a chance to win a lifetime supply of DLT’s with the #DLT4Life contest, a series of DLT-themed dares. From February to mid-April, contestants demonstrated their commitment through a variety of challenges:

  • Change your name to DLT
  • Dye your hair DLT orange
  • Get married to a DLT
  • Get a perm

When the contest concluded April 24, more than 400 fans had taken up the challenge, tweeting photo evidence of completed dares using the hashtag #DLT4Life. But only one fan would take the top prize: Jamie, pictured here, whose bright orange locks earned her DLT’s for life.

“The #DLT4Life contest helped Taco Bell Canada drive buzz and double digit same-store sales growth,” said Veronica Castillo, marketing manager, Taco Bell Canada. “And the enthusiasm customers showed by completing these challenges and engaging via social channels shows what a great, permanent addition the DLT is.”

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Their Mission, Should They Choose to Accept it: Taco Bell Breakfast http://www.yum.com/their-mission-should-they-choose-to-accept-it-taco-bell-breakfast/ http://www.yum.com/their-mission-should-they-choose-to-accept-it-taco-bell-breakfast/#respond Sun, 30 Mar 2014 19:16:19 +0000 http://www.yum.com/?p=461 ... Read more »]]> Thursday, March 20, 2014

In anticipation of its breakfast launch March 27, Taco Bell is sending 1,000 loyal social media followers pre-paid cell phones. With them are instructions to answer when Taco Bell calls for a chance to go on brand missions, get insider breakfast previews and chat with Taco Bell live.

Details about the brand missions remain top secret, but prizes for completing them include a Waffle Taco button-down shirt or hoodie, a set of A.M. Crunchwrap sheets with hash brown pajamas, free Taco Bell breakfast for a year and a trip to Taco Bell in Pacifica to enjoy breakfast on the beach and surf lessons.

Taco Bell Breakfast phones began arriving to fans March 19 and, according to the brand, could ring at any time, so recipients never know what could happen.

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