April 28, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

When Taco Bell Canada made the Doritos Locos Taco (DLT) a permanent menu item in January, DLT enthusiasts across the country were thrilled. Perhaps no one more so than Tyler, a young man from Toronto so smitten with the taco that he opted to make it a permanent addition, too—to his bicep.

Taco Bell documented the process of Tyler getting a DLT tattoo and posted to Youtube for fellow Taco Bell fans to enjoy! Check out the video which was viewed more than 11,000 times below:

Tyler’s fanaticism was rewarded with a lifetime supply of DLTs by Taco Bell, which generated significant interest among the brand’s social followers. So Taco Bell decided to keep the momentum going by offering the brands most enthused fans (like Tyler) a chance to win a lifetime supply of DLT’s with the #DLT4Life contest, a series of DLT-themed dares. From February to mid-April, contestants demonstrated their commitment through a variety of challenges:

  • Change your name to DLT
  • Dye your hair DLT orange
  • Get married to a DLT
  • Get a perm

When the contest concluded April 24, more than 400 fans had taken up the challenge, tweeting photo evidence of completed dares using the hashtag #DLT4Life. But only one fan would take the top prize: Jamie, pictured here, whose bright orange locks earned her DLT’s for life.

“The #DLT4Life contest helped Taco Bell Canada drive buzz and double digit same-store sales growth,” said Veronica Castillo, marketing manager, Taco Bell Canada. “And the enthusiasm customers showed by completing these challenges and engaging via social channels shows what a great, permanent addition the DLT is.”