Sleek, Open Concept the Future for KFC UK

November 20, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Customers in Bracknell, England are the first to experience KFC UK’s new restaurant design concept, one that’s as cutting-edge as the Original Recipe is classic.The brand unveiled the fresh interior makeover Nov. 4. The new style features exposed ceilings and textured walls, along with photographs and artwork reflecting the ingredients used across KFC’s menu. Butcher block and timber plank kitchen tables, copper light fixtures, and loose furniture lend an informal, stylish feeling to the space.

The changes aren’t just aesthetic: back of house upgrades will create faster speed of service, and a semi open-plan kitchen will allow diners to watch as their meals are prepared.

KFC Creative Design Manager Jade Swaby said the new design was inspired by families and friends coming together around the kitchen table to share fresh food. “We wanted the design to reflect the fact that, unlike many ‘fast food’ restaurants, at KFC cooks prepare and make fresh food, from scratch, every day – so the sense of the kitchen being the heart of the home really influenced the authentic, inviting design,” explained Swaby.

Two additional restaurants are currently undergoing a similar redesign, with plans for the concept to roll out nationwide starting in March 2015.