Yum! Nutrition

For food allergens and sensitivity information visit the brand sites listed below.
Food Safety and Quality Food safety is the top priority at Yum!. We actively work with our suppliers to raise industry standards because we insist that our products are safe and of superior quality. Our supplier approval system is rigorous. Suppliers have stated that our approval process is one of the most thorough and challenging systems they have experienced. We are proud of that.

Yum! Brands recognizes that eating habits vary from society to society based on differences in local food preferences and culture. We believe a balanced diet consists of a variety of foods from the recognized food groups such as grains/rice/cereals; vegetables; dairy; meat/beans; fats; fruits; and optional calories from foods like sweets. We will strive to proactively improve the nutrition profile of our high quality food content, while providing great taste. We always will offer a variety of menu options at each of our brands that can be part of a sensibly-balanced diet. We will educate consumers about our product nutrition and support exercise programs. We want consumers to make informed choices about their balanced diet and incorporate exercise into a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Information
In addition to nutritional brochures available in stores, consumers can download a printable version by visiting any of the company's websites.

Taco Bell

In the U.S., Taco Bell's Drive-Thru Diet® Menu features seven incredible tasting, Fresco-style menu offerings with eight grams of fat or less. Taco Bell Drive-Thru Menu items cut the fat, not the flavor, so they have the same great Taco Bell taste including 100% marinated all-white-meat chicken, 100% marinated premium thick cut steak, and 100% real seasoned beef — with fewer calories and less fat compared to the regular menu item. For example, a Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco contains 150 calories and 4 total fat grams versus 250 calories and 14 total fat grams for the regular menu item. Drive-Thru Diet Menu items replace cheese and some sauce ingredients with daily-prepared fresh Fiesta Salsa, a zesty yet mild mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro and seasoning, which contains only five calories and zero fat grams per serving.

Pizza Hut

With more than 30,000 different topping combinations, pizza at Pizza Hut can be customized for individual preference, taste and lifestyle. For example, ordering a Thin 'N Crispy® Pizza with half the amount of cheese, extra sauce and choosing toppings that are lower in fat (lean meats such as chicken or ham and vegetable toppings), consumers can enjoy a great tasting pizza with 25% less fat than the regular Thin 'N Crispy® Pizzas. In some restaurants, this can be found on the menu as The Fit 'N Delicious Pizza™. Additionally, our veggies and Italian sausage are all natural and our 100% seasoned beef and pork sausage is made without fillers.


Consumers can create a variety of meals with lower fat content from KFC's U.S. menu by choosing Kentucky Grilled Chicken (4 - 10 grams fat dependent upon piece) or by removing the skin and breading on KFC's Original Recipe® chicken breast (3.5g fat) and choosing two home-style sides, such as the 3 inch corn on the cob (0.5g fat), mashed potatoes and gravy (4.0g fat), green beans (0g fat) or BBQ Baked Beans (1.5g fat). Consumers can also select the Honey BBQ KFC® Snacker (3g fat) or the Honey BBQ Sandwich (3.5g fat), where available, with a 3" corn on the cob (0.5g fat) and a side of green beans (0g fat).