As the global franchisor of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, we live by the core value of Serving up Trust in Every Bite. For the millions of customers who visit our brands’ restaurants every year, our goal is to source and prepare the safest, highest quality food in the industry. In the 135+ countries and territories in which we operate, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our food sourcing and production practices, and seek to source the freshest food possible from an environmentally and socially responsible agricultural supply chain.

As we partner with the suppliers and producers who supply our restaurants, sustainable procurement of our food, ingredients, oil and packaging is an important responsibility our brands take seriously, and seek to optimize over the long term. We work only with suppliers and franchise partners who are committed to the highest standards of food safety, quality and ethical business practices as explained in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Yum! Brands’ Sustainable Animal Protein Principles guide our holistic, science-based approach to continuous improvement in sustainable food production systems that protect human, animal and environmental health. These inter-related principles also guide our approach to antimicrobial use in food production.

Our Principles in Action guide our supplier requirements and production practices for poultry, eggs, dairy, beef and pork. Wherever we operate we respect, prioritize, and – in some cases go beyond – local and national laws and regulations to maintain the highest standards for food safety and preserve human, animal and environmental health.

Five Principles in Action


Food Safety & Quality
Our food safety and quality governance structure and implementation programs are designed to promote effective control and mitigate risk in each step of our supply chain. Our suppliers are audited regularly for compliance with our food safety and quality standards for food animals from the farm to the restaurant.

Animal Health & Well-Being
We have a long-standing commitment to improving farm animal welfare through our multi-stakeholder Animal Welfare Advisory Council. Improving animal health and well-being is an ongoing process of partnership with our suppliers and other stakeholders, and is an essential tenet of delivering wholesome food animal products and safe food. Science-based practices are central to our food procurement strategy wherever we operate. We believe in the humane and ethical treatment of animals raised for food, and support the Five Freedoms for all food animals in our supply chain throughout their lifecycle. Ensuring animal health and well-being requires comprehensive, carefully-considered health management programs that may at times utilize antimicrobials to maintain or restore good health.

Environmental Stewardship
In partnership with our suppliers, we continually seek to maintain and implement well-managed, integrated livestock production systems that optimize natural resources and minimize negative impacts to the environment, including air and water quality, carbon footprint and land use. Good livestock stewardship and continuous improvement in husbandry and poultry production practices, including feeding, nutrition, modern housing, transportation and storage, are making important contributions to conserving environmental resources.

Food Security
Sustainable production will play a central role in meeting the worldwide demand for animal proteins like poultry, which is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. A safe, stable food production system for poultry is a top priority for our brands, so we can contribute to the continued availability of one of the world’s most nutritious and economically accessible animal proteins for the benefit of our consumers and the citizens of the countries where we operate through our sustainable sourcing principles.

Responsible Suppliers
Yum! Brands aims to work with suppliers who are committed to sustainable food systems that prioritize human, animal and environmental health. While the capabilities of animal protein suppliers around the world vary considerably, we work closely with our suppliers to confirm compliance with the rigorous food safety and quality standards of Yum!’s Sustainable Animal Protein Principles. We offer third-party independent consultation and science-based education programs focused directly on strengthening their capability. As set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct, our suppliers and subcontractors are required to follow fair employment practices and provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

Download our Sustainable Animal Protein Principles here.