Yum! Global Diversity and Inclusion

"Diversity, inclusion and engagement are simply part of our core values at Yum!. 'Believe In All People' means tapping into the diverse skills, cultures, perspectives and experiences of each of our associates to drive great marketplace performance. Our strategic diversity and inclusion vision is to grow leadership, franchisee and supplier pipelines that increasingly reflect our diverse customer and investor base."

James Fripp
Yum! Brands Sr. Director of
Global Diversity and Inclusion

Here at Yum! we understand that diversity is critical to the long-term success of our business. We believe that everyone can and does make a difference in our organization. One of our main principles - Believe in all People - underscores the importance of actively seeking diversity in others; believing everyone has the potential to make a difference; and coaching and supporting every individual to grow to their full capacity. This adds perspective and depth to everything we do. We've also found that a diverse team makes for better problem solvers, services all our customers more effectively and creates a richer culture for all of us to enjoy.

In our company-owned operations in the U.S. for example, about 40 percent of our associates are Caucasian and the remaining 60 percent are Hispanic, African American and/or Asian. Over the past year, minorities and women made up 65 percent of our external management hires and 71 percent of internal management hires (promotions).

We are also increasing the representation of African Americans, Hispanics and women among our key talent/decision makers and growing the pipeline of diversity in our mid-level manager ranks. All of our brands have leadership initiatives focused on high-potential diversity talent and all leaders serve as mentors.

Making progress in diversity is a business priority and the work of everyone in our system. This commitment is reflected in David Novak's annual goals. We also have a dedicated Global Diversity and Inclusion Senior Director who guides our strategy and a number of initiatives that enhance our inclusive workplace.

The Future - What Next?

Our approach to building a talented, diverse workforce is built on our major business principles. These principles emphasize the importance of investing in associate attraction, engagement, retention and advancement, both for individual development and for our overall success as a business.

As a global company with a diverse and ever-changing workforce, we face significant challenges. For example, our rapid growth in emerging markets like India and Russia requires us to adapt our policies to these markets and to learn from our new partners. Building a diverse foundation at all of our brands gives us a competitive edge and helps us operate as a local business in international markets.

Part of our growth strategy will be to ensure that our leadership team, company workforce and culture are as diverse as our customers around the world.