Pizza Hut: The Pizza Company That Lives Life Unboxed

May 3, 2016

Since 1958, the principles and values of Pizza Hut remained the same: Hire people who you like, serve a high-quality pizza every time and always thank the customer for their business.

Those principles served them well, as it has grown from one tiny pizza place in Wichita, KS, to more than 15,000 locations worldwide in nearly 100 countries. With that growth, and popularity, comes responsibility. That’s why Pizza Hut has committed itself to being a company that makes a cultural and social impact in every community it serves around the world through the following four pillars: people, food, community and environment.

The founder of Pizza Hut once said: “Show me a good manager and I’ll show you a good store.” Understanding the importance of the right people is as significant at Pizza Hut today as it was the day it first opened. In 2015, Pizza Hut introduced a global people platform called Life Unboxed, providing 300,000 team members with opportunities, programming and benefits to unlock their potential and become their best self.

Furthering that commitment, Pizza Hut strives to unlock potential in their communities with the Life Unboxed Volunteers program. In partnership with the Yum! Foundation, Pizza Hut teams around the world organize projects that assist local schools, orphanages and other community organizations by earning grant awards or executing fundraising events.

In 2015, Pizza Hut took a bold stance in the fight against hunger by fundraising $3.7 million for World Hunger Relief and donating 4.5 million pounds of food to local food banks through the Harvest food donation program. Not only did the Harvest program help supply fresh, wholesome meals to local food banks, but their participation diverted 51,732 metric tons of methane from landfills.

Pizza Hut also put great effort in 2015 against creating more choice and transparent dining options for their consumers, offering a diversified menu that includes quality food and a smart variety. Around the globe, Pizza Hut has been testing significant sodium reductions in core products.  In fact, Pizza Hut successfully removed over half a million pounds of salt from its menu in 2012 and removed another 1.5 million pounds of salt from core ingredients in 2015. Easy to access and easy to use nutrition tools are also available to help customers make informed eating choices when dining with the brand.

Pizza Hut is committed to being a company that makes a cultural and social impact in every community it serves around the world. Twenty fifteen was a great year and in 2016 they will continue to elevate their impact on people, food, community and environment. For more information on Pizza Hut’s story please visit