Pizza Hut Korea Awarded Safety and Happy Franchise Certification

December 22, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

PH Korea won the first “Safety & Happy Franchise Certification” in Korea in the Nation’s Restaurant and Service industry on the 28th of November. “Safety & Happy Franchise Certification” is given by Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA), the Government’s safety authority, and it is intended to recognize and certify the Company who frontiers the efforts to protect employee health and safety standards so as to minimize industrial accidents in the workplaces. The official award ceremony was held in PHK RSC office for the three PHK stores awarded with the head of KOSHA and a few government officials in attendance. This news was publicized through the Nation’s major newspapers and on-line media.

Pizza Hut Korea has been hard at work to create a safe and happy work environment. HR and Operations teams have set up the Employee Health and Safety team to enhance EHS system and process for both RSC and Stores from early this year. RGMs led this efforts in stores by educating the staffs to result in BOH improvement. Many stores revamped the 10 days motorcycle training program and implemented ‘Good Driving Mileage Program’ that was designed by HR earlier this year to protect delivery server’s safety. This award will become more meaningful when PHK standards will be reflected to the official manual to be distributed by KOSHA in future.

SI Lee, GM of PHK, said “Taking this opportunity is valuable, PH Korea will continue its efforts to expand to all equity and franchise stores, which I believe is to be a great foundation for PH Korea to be a great workplace that responds to the Government programs with strong responsibility.”