KFC South Africa urged fans to “Tag a Buddy, Win A Bucket”

February 11, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

KFC South Africa launched an exciting end-of-year campaign in 2014 called ‘Tag A Buddy, Win a Bucket’ on social media. In efforts to reach a broader community and leverage peer social nominations to drive platform growth, this unique campaign incentivised KFC fans to get their friends involved for a chance to WIN a 21-piece bucket of KFC’s Original Recipe chicken. They were asked to tag a buddy on KFC South Africa’s Facebook page or Tweet their friends handle, and tell the brand why this friend deserves a bucket.By encouraging fans to share their love, KFC was able to achieve significant growth across social platforms in just eighteen days. They acquired over 61,000 new Facebook Fans, and over 6,000 new Twitter Followers, generating social chatter throughout the campaign.

KFC awarded four 21-piece buckets daily for eighteen days via community nominations to fans and their peers, resulting in great engagement for the brand.

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