KFC South Africa Inspires Customers to #ChangeOneThing, Add Hope

February 28, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

When a social media craze known as #NekNomination went viral earlier this month, KFC South Africa identified an opportunity to harness the buzz to help in their efforts to feed hungry children.

The #NekNomination trend began with social media users completing various acts, posting a video of it online and then nominating someone via their posts to follow suit within 24 hours. As that idea gained traction, it evolved into a pay it forward movement called #ChangeOneThing, which challenged people to do something good by giving back, and then tag someone else to do the same.

KFC South Africa was the first QSR to take up the #ChangeOneThing challenge. The brand posted a video on its social media channels inviting customers to donate R2 (US$0.20) in-store or online to its Add Hope program, which feeds more than 40,000 South African children every month. KFC South Africa Managing Director Doug Smart kicked off the video call to action with a R25,000 (US$2,322) donation from the brand, further explaining that KFC would match all Add Hope donations received between Feb. 6th-9th. You can watch the kickoff video here.

KFC customers proved eager to join the #ChangeOneThing movement. Their donations, coupled with the brand’s match, raised nearly US$54,000 over the four-day period. In addition, a range of KFC suppliers and partners donated more than US$8,000, which the brand also matched, bringing the campaign total to more than US$70,000.

The kickoff video generated great buzz and coverage in prominent online media, such as EWN, The Citizen and SA People. On social media, the videos received a total 5,179 views, 606 likes, 299 shares and 116 comments, with a sentiment that was overwhelmingly positive. Watch the thank you video below.