KFC SOPAC Reduces Energy Costs with Lighting Upgrade

February 26, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On the surface, it sounded like a straightforward project: replace restaurant lights with more efficient versions to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. But Fernando Morales, national project operations manager for KFC SOPAC, says the large scale project took careful preparation.

So, Morales led efforts to upgrade interior lights from halogen, metal halide and PAR down-lights to LED lamps. To do that, KFC needed a lighting supplier that could offer LED lamps that would maintain current lighting levels, accommodate the 30 plus styles of light fittings and also have ROI of two years or less.

After testing and researching several options, a business case was developed to show that the project could be completed in four months with no disruption to restaurant operations, among other requirements. The brand has retrofitted approximately 5,000 lamps to date, resulting in a 60 to 85 percent decrease in electricity consumption. Maintenance costs are also decreasing across the system.

Morales said the project’s impact on both the environment and the bottom line is driving interest in additional green building improvements. The team is now moving to roll-out low energy using induction lighting in parking lots and working on exhaust hood improvements. “This is a very exciting concept for the business.”