KFC Australia Reveals (Almost) Everything on Open Kitchen Day

September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

KFC Australia gave customers a look at everything but the secret recipe during its first ever Open Kitchen Day Aug. 23.

Nearly 2,000 consumers registered online and attended RGM-hosted tours to see firsthand how KFC cooks prepare Original Recipe Chicken.

Among the guests were food and health government officials, advocacy groups, food bloggers, nutritionists and consumers. Visitor Shauna Anderson, who reported on the event for popular Australian lifestyle website Mamamia, said seeing this side of KFC resonated with her as a woman and mother.

“I was allowed to bring my five-year old son, Odie with me (such a cool work place, if only others were so accepting of working Mums) and a few things made me eat my words – the main one being the fact that all the chicken is fresh – not frozen – and they actually prepare the whole kit and caboodle on site,” said Anderson.

Guests did not leave with empty stomachs – at the end of the tour, they were given two pieces of Original Recipe Chicken that was made in front of them.

“The feedback has been that the teams and stores participating were sparkling!” said Darren Stanbridge, Chief Operations Officer, KFC SOPAC. “The reaction from our guests was very positive with lots of genuine interest in our business.”