Marek Balawejder — Pizza Hut Restaurant General Manager, Poland Marek received the TRI “Globe Award” for flawlessly running his restaurant and keeping employee turnover low, while growing his business. In any language the word for that is YUM.

Mary Adams — Pizza Hut Restaurant General Manager Mary received the “Big Cheese Award” for managing Pizza Hut’s first restaurant conversion to the new dine-in/carry-out concept and “taking a risk and helping us succeed.”

At Tricon, we find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others… and we have fun doing it! We take pride in our work and have a passion for excellence. We’re talking about 600,000 motivated people in our entire system who love the restaurant business, putting smiles on our customers’ faces. We know that when we recognize and reward great behavior, we’ll have a charged-up, customer-focused team. So we’ve come up with some rather unusual awards to recognize leadership: Bulldogs and Floppy Chickens at KFC, Big Cheese Awards at Pizza Hut, the Royal Order of the Pepper at Taco Bell, The Globe at TRI and a special YUM Award at Tricon. Winning one of these awards is a big deal in our company, because those who do are committed to quality food and satisfying our customers better than anyone.

Jeanne Carr — Taco Bell Restaurant General Manager Jeanne was recognized with a “Royal Order of the Pepper Award” for her “tremendous leadership in building a great team and delighting customers.”
Charmayne Jefferson —Pizza Hut Franchise Restaurant General Manager   Charmayne received the “Big Cheese Award” for running a restaurant that’s an example for all of us, and “living day-to-day the principle that treating your team special is the key to success with customers.”


We say “show us a great restaurant and we’ll show you a great RGM — our #1 restaurant leader.” We’d like to introduce you to a few of them: Marek Balawejder has made training the cornerstone of his success as a Pizza Hut RGM in Lublin, Poland. In 1997, after just two years with TRI, Marek received a Globe Award for achieving eight consecutive 100% CHAMPSCheck scores, reducing employee turnover to 60%, and growing transactions 15%. Tony Kron, a Taco Bell RGM in New Albany, IN knows what it takes to satisfy customers. For 15 years, he’s been preaching the virtues of speed to his team.   “There’s a direct link between speed of service and sales growth,” Tony says — and he should know. He’s seen sales grow 13% in a year’s time, winning Tricon’s YUM Award for leading that success. Esteban Hernandez, a Pizza Hut RGM in L.A., won a Big Cheese Award for coaching his team. During his six years as an RGM, Esteban has achieved a remarkably low annual crew turnover of just 56% (that’s in an industry where a 200% crew turnover is normal).

Raymond Wong — KFC Franchise Restaurant General Manager   Raymond’s success at “building KFC sales to $2 million!” at his restaurant earned him a “Floppy Chicken Award.”

Paul Nnamdi — KFC Restaurant General Manager  Paul is a 1998 “Bulldog Award” winner for being “a shining light focused on customer satisfaction.”

Capable managers also show flexibility. Mary Adams, a Pizza Hut RGM in Columbia, SC, worked through the chaos of contractors and painters last year as they remodeled her restaurant into a first-of-its-kind dine-in/carry-out concept. She received a Big Cheese Award for her willingness to take a risk and experiment with the new concept. Twenty-five years ago, when Jeanne Carr began working at Taco Bell in Toledo, OH, she considered it a good day when the restaurant made $150 (those days are long over, thank goodness!). Jeanne’s had a lot to do with boosting the business. Today, she’s an RGM and a winner of the Pepper Award for her tremendous leadership in building a great team and creating a program that sells Taco Bell products at schools in Toledo and Detroit.

Raymond Wong’s tenacity sent his Sunnyvale, CA KFC — a franchised unit owned by Harman Management — beyond the $2 million sales mark, earning him a Floppy Chicken Award in 1997. This year, the restaurant increased sales to $2.4 million. Raymond focuses on quality food and service so good it drives sales. “Go Raymond…Go Raymond.”

Tony Kron — Taco Bell Restaurant General Manager   Tony received the “YUM Award”
for growing sales by 13 percent and for beating profit projections by $200,000.

Esteban Hernandez — Pizza Hut Restaurant General Manager   Esteban received his
“Big Cheese Award” for being a great coach and teacher.

Charmayne Jefferson didn’t try to win a Big Cheese Award from Pizza Hut until she first talked it over with her team at their Walla Walla, WA franchised restaurant. “It meant we were going to have to excel, to work hard to achieve the goal,” she says. “It had to be a team decision.” The team came through with flying colors — her restaurant achieved an 8.4% growth in sales in 1998, with $30,000 in incremental sales through community involvement work, while obtaining perfect customer service scores.

Paul Nnamdi, a native of Nigeria, brings an extra high level of energy to his KFC in Bell, CA, but he thinks “success comes from teamwork, not individual behavior.  ”Last year, Paul received a Bulldog Award for outstanding customer service. “I tell my team to see people as ‘guests,’ not ‘customers.’ When you view them as customers, they become statistics. But when you treat them as guests, it becomes personal.” We agree, Paul.