Board of Directors
front row left to right:  (a) Jackie Trujillo, (b) Kenneth G. Langone, (c) Massimo Ferragamo, (d) Robert Holland, (e) David C. Novak, (f) Andrall E. Pearson
back row left to right:  (g) Robert J. Ulrich, (h) Jeanette S. Wagner, (i) James Dimon, (j) Sidney Kohl, (k) D. Ronald Daniel, (l) John L. Weinberg

D. Ronald Daniel,
Treasurer of Harvard University and former Managing Director of McKinsey and Company

James Dimon, 43
Co-Chairman of the Board and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Salomon Smith Barney Holdings Inc.

Massimo Ferragamo, 41
President and Vice Chairman of Ferragamo USA, Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Salvatore FerragamoItalia, a luxury goods producer and retailer

Robert Holland, Jr., 57
Owner and Chief Executive
Officer of Workplace Integrators, Michigan's largest Steelcase office furniture dealer

Sidney Kohl, 68
Former Chairman of Kohl's Supermarkets and founder of Kohl's Department Stores

Kenneth G. Langone, 63
Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Invemed Associates, Inc., an investment banking firm, and founder of Home Depot, Inc.

David C. Novak, 46
Vice Chairman and President,Tricon

Andrall E. Pearson, 73
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, Tricon

Jackie Trujillo, 63
Chairman of the Board of Harman Management Corporation, one of KFC's largest franchisees

Robert J. Ulrich, 55
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dayton Hudson Corporation and Target Stores

Jeanette S. Wagner, 69
Vice Chairman of Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

John L. Weinberg, 74
Senior Chairman of Goldman, Sachs & Co.Officers

Andrall E. Pearson, 73
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tricon

David C. Novak, 46
Vice Chairman and President, Tricon

Peter A. Bassi, 49
President, Tricon Restaurants International

Jonathan D. Blum, 40
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Tricon

Christian L. Campbell, 48
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Tricon

Robert L. Carleton, 58
Senior Vice President and Controller, Tricon

Mark S. Cosby, 40
Chief Development Officer, Tricon

Terry D. Davenport, 41
Chief Concept Officer, KFC USA

Thomas E. Davin, 41
Chief Operating Officer, Taco Bell USA

Gregg R. Dedrick, 39
Chief People Officer, Tricon

Peter R. Hearl, 47
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Tricon Restaurants International

Aylwin B. Lewis, 44
Chief Operating Officer, Pizza Hut USA

Robert C. Lowes, 53
Chief Financial Officer, Tricon

Charles E. Rawley, 48
President and Chief Operating Officer, KFC USA

Michael S. Rawlings, 44
President and Chief Concept Officer, Pizza Hut USA

Peter C. Waller, 44
President and Chief Concept Officer, Taco Bell USA

Sandra S. Wijnberg, 42
Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Tricon

Linda Alvarado
Taco Bell

Allen Beebe
Taco Bell

Percy Fennell

Dick Freeland
Pizza Hut

Arthur Ho
Tricon Restaurants International

Al Luihn

Keith Sole
Tricon Restaurants International

Bill Walsh
Pizza Hut