Investing in Employee Development Fuels Unrivaled Culture and Talent

June 21, 2017

At Yum!, we aim to unlock the true potential in all of our employees by investing in both their professional and personal development through our holistic performance management process called the Building People Capability (BPC) cycle.

The BPC cycle provides interactive and customized programs throughout the year that grow our people while supporting our mission to build the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest growing restaurant brands. In fact, one of our four growth drivers is to build Unrivaled Culture and Talent.

A great example of our BPC cycle in action is Grow Yourself Week at the corporate campus in Louisville, Kentucky. Grow Yourself Week is an opportunity for employees to focus on their individual development planning, which is a key step in the BPC cycle. Employees are able to take advantage of professional and personal development resources, gain perspective from and network with organizational leaders, and connect with fellow employees who share similar interests and goals.

We seek to make learning, training and career development opportunities accessible to as many of our employees as possible. Other development resources available to our employees include educational assistance programs, in-person and online learning courses, and mentoring programs, to name a few.

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