Famous Recognition Culture

Recognition is an integral part of our culture – we celebrate things big and small. In fact, “We love celebrating the achievement of others and have lots of fun doing it!” is one of our How We Win Together2 principles and the reason our culture is brimming with positive energy, teamwork, and fun.

We believe that our customers' experience will never exceed that of our team members. For that reason, our Dynasty Model starts with our people. We know that people don't just play a role in our success – they are the reason for our success. Our corporate values – what we call our How We Win Together principles – are built around a "People Capability First" philosophy and lay the groundwork for the way we team together every day.

All leaders in the company have their own personal recognition awards, which has resulted in highly prestigious honors such as the CEO’s Yum! Award – a set of chomping teeth with legs and flip flops for those who “walk the talk” of leadership.