People – Yum! Brands A World with More Yum! Wed, 17 Jan 2018 13:42:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Build Unrivaled Culture and Talent: Know What Millennials Want Mon, 25 Sep 2017 20:15:55 +0000 ... Read more »]]> Millennials are shaping new ideas about the employer/employee relationship. According to a study by ManpowerGroup, this generation will comprise more than one-third of the global workforce by 2020, so it’s important for organizations to understand the needs of this evolving employee base.

As Yum! continues to build unrivaled culture and talent, we know it’s essential to continuously assess the way we invest in our people. This ensures we’re attracting, retaining and engaging top talent—current and future.

To help uncover key millennial insights, Yum! HR leaders facilitated a panel discussion during Grow Yourself Week. In it, millennial employees provided perspective about what they were looking for in their careers. Throughout the session, a few key themes emerged among our panelists:

  • Millennials are motivated by challenges in their careers.
    Millennials prefer an environment that is constantly evolving, and they are eager to pursue opportunities that will allow them to stretch themselves and learn new skills. They like to play an active role in their professional and personal development.
  • Millennials want flexibility and balance.
    “Work to live” is the motto of millennials. They prefer to work smarter, not harder, and find ways to balance their careers with their lives outside of work. They believe that when they feel fulfilled in their personal lives, they are able to bring the best versions of themselves to work.
  • Millennials value personal relationships in the workplace.
    Millennials appreciate when a team member or a coach takes interest in their lives outside of work. They focus on building authentic relationships at work, which makes collaboration and team projects more fulfilling.
  • Millennials prefer experiences over things.
    Experiences like traveling the world, investing in a new skill or hobby, or attending cultural events are more important to millennials than material things. They prefer to put their money toward opportunities that they feel will allow them to grow themselves.
  • Millennials want meaningful work.
    Millennials want to make an impact on the world, no matter how small. They desire work that they are passionate about and aligns with their personal values. They value transparency from their organization and appreciate a clearly delineated mission and vision.

Yum!’s unwavering commitment to creating a culture where everyone counts and can truly grow is part of our mission to build the most loved, trusted and fastest-growing restaurant company in the world.

millennial panel

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Yum!’s Holistic Approach to Employee Well-Being Wed, 20 Sep 2017 20:29:35 +0000 ... Read more »]]> At Yum!, we encourage a holistic approach to employee well-being by offering experiences and programs that go beyond the scope of physical wellness. We believe in providing opportunities that nurture the minds, bodies and spirits of our people.

Employee development strategies that include physical, mental, social and financial aspects of well-being yield an all-inclusive method toward meeting the needs of employees.  According to Gallup’s most recent iteration of the State of the American Workplace, more than half of employees report better overall well-being as “very important” to them.  In the same survey, work-life balance and overall well-being were determined to be the second most important factor when choosing to work for an organization. When employees are fulfilled in all aspects of their well-being, it boosts employee engagement and increases individual performance.

As part of our Grow Yourself Week initiative, we are offering a range of development sessions for employees to explore different aspects of their personal well-being.

  • For fitness buffs: From a barre, yoga and pilates sampler to cardio bootcamp, there are several fitness classes throughout the week for employees to work up a sweat.
  • For self-reflectors: Employees can grow themselves with a Myers-Briggs personality test and workshop, or attend a session on Cultivating Confidence to learn how to silence the inner critic and let their strengths shine.
  • For go-getters: Courses like Project Management Kick Start and Networking with Confidence give employees the chance to hone these practical and professional skills that will help accelerate career growth.
  • For socializers: With Accelerating Your Growth by Getting Involved in the Community, employees can learn how volunteering and getting involved with non-profit boards can contribute to personal and professional growth, and feel good about making a difference with causes they care about.

The opportunities offered during Grow Yourself Week are only a few examples of Yum!’s broader approach to employee well-being. Learn more about how Yum! makes employee development a priority and see if a career at Yum! is right for you.

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Yum! Brands Launches Innovative “Grow Yourself Week” Employee Development Program Mon, 18 Sep 2017 13:21:12 +0000 ... Read more »]]> Louisville, KY, September 18, 2017 – Yum! Brands today launched its Grow Yourself Week program for corporate employees based in Louisville as part of the Company’s ongoing investment in its people and culture. The week-long program offers more than 30 interactive professional and personal development courses designed to build the capability of the Company’s employees.

“Investing in our unrivaled culture and talent is a top priority for us as we build the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest growing restaurant brands,” said Mark Lagestee, Yum! Corporate Chief People Officer and Vice President of Global Talent Management and Organizational Development. “We’re passionate about offering innovative learning programs, experiences and tools like Grow Yourself Week in order to train and grow the next generation of leaders so they can be their best at work and home.”

During Grow Yourself Week, employees are able to take advantage of professional and personal development resources, gain perspective from and network with organizational leaders, and connect with colleagues who share similar interests and goals. Sessions range from a keynote on personal branding from New York Times best-selling author, Dorie Clark, to understanding how millennials impact the workforce, securing yourself in the digital age and unconscious bias training.

Grow Yourself Week is just one example of programming that supports Yum! Brands’ broader Building People Capability strategy to unlock potential in all employees through a holistic performance management process. The Company has a long history of making learning, training and career development opportunities accessible to employees including providing educational assistance, in-person and online learning courses and mentoring programs, among others.

About Yum! Brands, Inc.
Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, has nearly 44,000 restaurants in more than 135 countries and territories and is one of the Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders in North America. In 2017, Yum! Brands was named among the top 100 Best Corporate Citizens by Corporate Responsibility Magazine. The company’s restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories. Worldwide, the Yum! Brands system opens over six new restaurants per day on average, making it a leader in international retail development.

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Yum! Recognizes Andy Pearson Scholarship Recipients Tue, 08 Aug 2017 14:53:25 +0000 ... Read more »]]> At Yum!, we are focused on supporting continued education and providing development opportunities for all employees, from restaurant general managers and restaurant team members to employees at our restaurant support centers. These educational investments are positioned to grow our people, personally and professionally, in order to improve quality of life and add value to working across any of our brands.

Among our educational investments is the Andy Pearson Scholarship, established in honor of our founding Chairman. Since the inception of the Andy Pearson scholarship in 2003, more than $6.7 million has been awarded to more than 3,000 scholarship recipients.

This year, 96 employees or their eligible family members received a total of $212,000 in scholarships, with 90% being awarded to our field and restaurant employees.

Yum!’s educational investments are part of our broader “Building People Capability” process, which aims to lead the industry with innovative know-how building experiences that drive and accelerate high performance in our teams and our restaurants.

Read more about our Building People Capability process, and see how culture excellence, leadership growth, educational investment and functional training fit into our employee development strategy.

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Yum! Builds Unrivaled Talent Through The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Conference Mon, 03 Jul 2017 16:51:46 +0000 ... Read more »]]> As part of Yum! Brands’ dedication to cultivating unrivaled culture and talent, our organization attended The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management’s (CGSM) Annual Orientation Program and Career Forum. Our Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Operations teams from throughout the organization were there to show support and meet with potential future talent.

Our commitment to attracting top talent and supporting organizations that share our values starts at the top and extends throughout Yum!. That’s why we’re proud to partner with CGSM, because of their commitment to diversity and inclusion and the importance of believing in all people.

Established in 1966, CGSM’s mission is to enhance diversity in business education and leadership by helping to reduce the serious underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in both the member schools’ enrollments and the ranks of management.

CGSM works to connect top-performing students in leading MBA programs to corporate partners around the country. The organization’s annual forum provides an opportunity for these students to engage with recruitment teams from some of the nation’s top corporations through speaker sessions, workshops and networking receptions.

Read more about The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management and see photos from this year’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Tracy Skeans, Yum! Brands Chief Transformation and People Officer, Featured in HuffPost’s Women in Business Q&A Tue, 27 Jun 2017 20:25:44 +0000 ... Read more »]]> Tracy Skeans was recently featured in HuffPost’s Women in Business Q&A column. In this profile piece, Tracy shares important career lessons, advice for other women leaders and what she’s most excited about for the future of Yum!.

To uncover more insights from Tracy’s professional and personal experiences that have made her the leader she is today, read the full story here.

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Investing in Employee Development Fuels Unrivaled Culture and Talent Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:48:20 +0000 ... Read more »]]> At Yum!, we aim to unlock the true potential in all of our employees by investing in both their professional and personal development through our holistic performance management process called the Building People Capability (BPC) cycle.

The BPC cycle provides interactive and customized programs throughout the year that grow our people while supporting our mission to build the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest growing restaurant brands. In fact, one of our four growth drivers is to build Unrivaled Culture and Talent.

A great example of our BPC cycle in action is Grow Yourself Week at the corporate campus in Louisville, Kentucky. Grow Yourself Week is an opportunity for employees to focus on their individual development planning, which is a key step in the BPC cycle. Employees are able to take advantage of professional and personal development resources, gain perspective from and network with organizational leaders, and connect with fellow employees who share similar interests and goals.

We seek to make learning, training and career development opportunities accessible to as many of our employees as possible. Other development resources available to our employees include educational assistance programs, in-person and online learning courses, and mentoring programs, to name a few.

Read more about how we’re building Unrivaled Culture and Talent here.

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Yum! Brands Celebrates Culture of Diversity & Inclusion with Pride Mon, 19 Jun 2017 20:08:10 +0000 ... Read more »]]> By James Fripp, Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Yum! Brands

As a global restaurant company, we understand that diversity and inclusion are critical to the long-term success of our business – it’s part of the fabric of who we are as a company. We believe that the more our workforce reflects the global marketplace in which we operate, the more we will be able to satisfy our customers. In fact, one of our core values as a company is Believe in ALL People. This means seeing the value in each unique individual and unlocking their full potential to be their best, authentic self regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation.

I’m proud of the commitment and progress we’re making across our organization and it starts at the top. In 2015, we established a diversity and inclusion council called Leading Inclusion for Tomorrow (LIFT). LIFT is chaired by our CEO and includes internal and external ambassadors who are challenged with driving global inclusion and engagement efforts across our company.  We also offer unconscious bias training to employees in order to increase multicultural competency and build stronger teams.

I’m particularly proud of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which play a key role driving our culture and providing networking, mentoring, educational and leadership development opportunities for our LGBTQ, multi-cultural, women and millennial corporate employee groups.

In support of Pride Month, one of our ERGs that I would like to recognize is the Yum! Pride Network (YPN) which connects and supports the LGBTQ community at our company. YPN offers employees opportunities for professional networking as well as personal development. YPN is both a champion for LGBTQ visibility within our company as well as an important resource for its members.

While we’ve made a lot of progress over the past few years through focused efforts such as LIFT and YPN, we also recognize that we’re on a journey and will continue working to get better and better when it comes to building a diverse and inclusive culture.




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Yum! Grows Female Leadership at Women’s Foodservice Forum Conference Tue, 11 Apr 2017 13:00:55 +0000 ... Read more »]]> Last week, 39 team members from Yum! and our brands attended the Women’s Foodservice Forum’s (WFF) Annual Leadership Development Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The WFF’s Annual Leadership Development Conference is a mix of educational sessions and speakers that aims to provide attendees with the tools they need to chart out their own career paths, as evidence to the WFF’s mission to advance women leaders, driving growth for individuals and organizations.

“These conferences truly help to develop our current and future leaders both personally and professionally…supporting our goal of creating and developing unrivaled culture and talent,” said James Fripp, Yum!’s Global Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion, who was in attendance, along with our CEO, Greg Creed.

The conference was packed with several high-profile speakers, including Dawn Sweeney, CEO of National Restaurant Association, and Suze Orman, Financial Guru and Bestselling Author.  Among the sessions, our Yum! attendees took away powerful messages.

Haley Bethel, Digital Analyst for KFC Global, and Jo Moyer, Legal for Taco Bell, were both inspired by Michelle Poler’s session, “What Are You Afraid Of?” Michelle, known for her 100 Days Without Fear experience, encouraged the attendees to not be afraid of failing in order to grow: “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Moyer said she is already planning a 100 Day project of her own.

“Being surrounded by that many smart, positive and successful women was truly inspiring,” said Julie Lloyd, Human Resources for Yum! Brands.  She looks forward to sharing her insights from the conference with others.

Kristen Burress, QA for KFC U.S., took away the importance of regularly evaluating the core areas of life according to Simon T. Bailey, bestselling author and speaker. “If something is falling short, you must address it and make something happen vs. playing it safe or being complacent,” said Burress.

While many women note specific learnings from the conference, Laura Flynn, Finance for Taco Bell, stresses the importance of organizations that focus on growing women leaders. “WFF brings attention to the fact that women are untapped resources in the workforce with unique minds and voices. The organization empowers women to recognize how their thought processes and opinions add significant value to discussions, companies and the broader economy,” said Flynn.

Fripp encourages male leaders to advocate for female associates and understand the impact of supporting women in leadership. “When we all seek to understand, truly seek to understand, we all get better and ultimately produce better business results,” said Fripp.  He is a firm believer that women in leadership reap positive outcomes for business, culturally and financially.

Yum! is among the 200+ leading foodservice companies that partner with WFF in order to develop and grow top talent and leadership. Visit WFF’s official website to read more about how the organization is changing the face of leadership, and how to get involved.

To see more photos of our team at the conference, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

Check out the entire #WFFConf conversation here.

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KFC’s REACH HIGH with GEDWorks Program Invests in Employee Education Mon, 10 Apr 2017 15:52:53 +0000 ... Read more »]]> According to ‘Advancing Your Frontline Workforce With Employer-Sponsored Education Benefits,’ a white paper recently published by GED Testing Service, almost 40 million working adults in the U.S. lack a high school diploma: “for millions of Americans, especially those who fill entry-level and frontline jobs, the lack of a high school diploma is an insurmountable barrier to taking advantage of these popular reimbursement programs. Thankfully, workers who have not completed high school are not without hope.”

Offering opportunities for foundational education is not only beneficial for frontline workers, but it also boosts retention and recruitment, has a national economic impact, and contributes to a company’s corporate social responsibility efforts and the way customers view its corporate citizenship.

As a partner of GED Testing Service via the non-profit Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, KFC U.S. knows the value of developing employees by providing employer-sponsored education benefits, especially when it comes to frontline team members.

Among the KFC Foundation’s education and relief programs, the REACH HIGH® – High School Equivalency Program, in partnership with GED Testing Service, gives restaurant employees a path to achieving their dreams. As one of the founding partners of GEDWorks™, the Foundation is providing a second chance for restaurant employees who were unable to complete their high school education by offering a free, all-inclusive GED preparation and testing program, along with a test pass guarantee and a personal advisor.

“It shifts the culture in a very positive way,” said Foundation Managing Director Krista Snider, “when employees see one of their co-workers benefitting from an offering like the REACH HIGH/GEDWorks program.”

Ninety-four percent of all U.S. stores participate in the program, and all employees at participating stores—Restaurant General Managers, Assistant Managers, Shift Supervisors and hourly Team Members—who seek assistance are eligible to enroll.

The REACH HIGH/GEDworks partnership was established in the fall of 2015, as the KFC Foundation saw a need to expand its employee education benefits of college assistance to include GED preparation and testing.  Since its inception, over 650 KFC restaurant employees have taken advantage of the program.

“Our goal is to help people be their best selves, no strings attached. So, we’re providing a spectrum of educational development opportunities for employees—from GED through college,” Snider said. “What is so unique and effective about the REACH HIGH/GEDWorks program is that every single student in the program has a personal advisor who is helping them every step of the way.”

Read more about REACH HIGH and the other programs the KFC Foundation offers.

Click here to download the full GED Testing Service ‘Advancing Your Frontline Workforce With Employer-Sponsored Education Benefits’ white paper.


About GED Testing Service

The GED® test has opened doors to better jobs and college programs for more than 20 million graduates since 1942. The GED® test is accepted by virtually all U.S. colleges and employers. As the creator of the one official GED® test, GED Testing Service has a responsibility to ensure that the program continues to be a reliable and valuable pathway to a better life for the millions of adults without a high school diploma. The organization continues to develop several new, innovative programs like GEDWorks™. GED Testing Service is a joint venture between the American Council on Education and Pearson.

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